Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Ezequiel but people call me Ez. I grew up in Spain but moved to New York 5 years ago. I have worked on TV, animation and videogames.
What is your biggest inspiration?
For this project movies obviously. I like cinematography and pure movie moments. Like when the main character is thinking and the music enhances his emotion. I try to capture those kind of moments in this project.
How would you describe your style?
Street photography with a movie feel. I never shoot portrait and I grade every photo from scratch. Grading photos is a key ingredient to get that film look. I learned grading on video first so when I take photos I use the same techniques and taste I guess. Trying to shoot movie moments with people on the street is quite challenging. People don't pose or wait for me!
How did you first decide to shoot using a "movie feel"?
When I moved to New York I started taking thousands of photos. After a while I noticed a pattern. Many had a film look to them. Maybe I did it unconsciously because of the work I do as an editor and colorist or maybe because the city is so cinematic.
Do you have any special techniques or equipment?
People ask me on Instagram all the time what camera I use. I had Nikon and Canon in the past but now I use a Sony 5R. I like technology and find big black DSLRs outdated tech. They seem to be stuck in the past. There is no reason for typical DSLRs to be so big and heavy apart from nostalgia. For street photography I prefer having a small camera. Being undercover is essential. Also, I shoot everything manual. Focus too although it's challenging. Sometimes I see those movie moments appearing in front of me and I only have milliseconds to focus. For software I tried Lightroom but ended ditching it because browsing the catalog is super slow. Then I moved to Aperture but Apple killed it. Now I am on Capture One. The grading tools are excellent.
Where are your favorite spots to shoot?
New York has a lot of variety. If I want well dressed people I go to Soho. If I want urban decay I go anywhere I guess. I don't usually plan what I want to shoot. I go to Manhattan and start walking randomly.
What are some of your favorite movies?
Planet of the Apes. The originals, in this order: 1,4,3,5 and 2.
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